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The Influence of Instructional Methods on the Quality of Online Discussion
October 28, 2005
Heather Kanuka, Athabasca University, Canada
Keywords: quality, instructional methods, online learning

An Investigation into the Use of an Orientation Course to Address Academic and Social Integration Issues
Kanuka, Heather; Jugdev, Kam
Match: Kanuka, Heather; online learning

Understanding and Facilitating: Emotional Presence in an Online Community of Inquiry
Cleveland-Innes, Martha; Campbell, Prisca
Match: online learning

Breaking the Ice: Supporting Collaboration and the Development of Community Online
Dixon, Julie S.
Match: online learning

Social Presence in a Web-Based Synchronous Secondary Classroom
Nippard, Eric
Match: online learning

What Kinds of Learning Can We Scale with Online Resources and Activities (and What Can't We Scale)?
Carey, Thomas
This presentation will summarize recent research for the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario on the impact of emerging developments in online learning for Quality and Productivity in higher education. The main ...
Match: quality

Assessing the Quality of K-12 Online Content: A Sample Assessment Rubric
Jongedijk, Lara
What factors create an effective online course from a “content” point of view? This session will highlight the assessment criteria and the review process that was used to review the content of K-12 online learning ...
Match: quality