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Breaking the Ice: Supporting Collaboration and the Development of Community Online
May 2, 2007
Julie S. Dixon, University of Toronto, Canada
Keywords: collaboration, online community, e-learning, online learning

Social Presence in a Web-Based Synchronous Secondary Classroom
Nippard, Eric
Match: e-learning; online learning

Understanding and Facilitating: Emotional Presence in an Online Community of Inquiry
Cleveland-Innes, Martha; Campbell, Prisca
Match: e-learning; online learning

An Investigation into the Use of an Orientation Course to Address Academic and Social Integration Issues
Kanuka, Heather; Jugdev, Kam
Match: e-learning; online learning

Investigating How Technology Innovation is Decided and Implemented in a Interorganizational Collaboration
Gallant, Genevieve
Match: collaboration

E-Learning 2.0
Downes, Stephen
Match: e-learning

The Influence of Instructional Methods on the Quality of Online Discussion
Kanuka, Heather
Match: online learning

Online Students’ Expectations
Berge, Zane
Match: e-learning

Using 3D Virtual Worlds: Engaging Learners and Providing Social Support
Annand, David; Schwede, Gunnar; Heller, Bob; Eliott, Colin
Demonstrating how an avatar-based 3-D learning environment can more fully engage learners in their online educational experience, the volunteer team of developers from Athabasca University will showcase a prototype of a ...
Match: e-learning

Research on Formal Virtual Learning Communities in Higher Education
Schwier, Richard
Match: e-learning

State of the Nation: K-12 E-Learning in Canada
Barbour, Michael; LaBonte, Randy
The State of the Nation: K-12 E-Learning in Canada report continues to be Canada's unique benchmark for the expanding use of technology-supported blended and online learning in Canada. This ninth edition of the annual ...
Match: e-learning