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What Kinds of Learning Can We Scale with Online Resources and Activities (and What Can't We Scale)?
October 2, 2013
Thomas Carey, Athabasca University, Canada
This presentation will summarize recent research for the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario on the impact of emerging developments in online learning for Quality and Productivity in higher education. The main discussion points will be the analysis of scalable learning resources and activities, and the way different learning interactions may (or may not) be scalable.
Keywords: higher education, online education, quality, productivity, scalability

Dr. Tom Carey is a strategic consultant to higher education leaders in Canada and the US, for institutional collaborations to create exemplary teaching and learning environments. Dr. Carey currently holds visiting academic appointments at Athabasca University, San Diego State University and Vancouver Island University; his previous leadership positions include appointments at the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, the California State University Office of the Chancellor, the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario and the University of Waterloo (as Associate Vice-President for Learning Resources and Innovation).

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