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Applying the CoI Framework to a K-12 Context
November 5, 2014
Erin Krysko, Mount Royal University, Canada
Norman Vaughan, Mount Royal University, Canada
Steven Prediger, Mount Royal University, Canada
This session will demonstrate and discuss how the CoI framework can be applied to a K to 12 context to foster an inquiry-based approach to learning.

The accompanying reading for this webinar is "Fostering an Inquiry-Based Approach to Learning".
Keywords: community of inquiry, K-12, inquiry-based
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Fostering an Inquiry-Based Approach to Learning

Introduction to the CoI Webinar Series
Cleveland-Innes, Martha; Garrison, D. Randy; Vaughan, Norman
This session will provide an overview of the webinar series and the Community of Inquiry framework.\n\nThe accompanying reading for this webinar is Conceptual Framework, Chapter 1 of Teaching in Blended Learning ...
Match: Vaughan, Norman; community of inquiry

The CoI Repository and the State of CoI Research
Garrison, D. Randy; Cleveland-Innes, Martha; Vaughan, Norman; Stenbom, Stefan; et al.
The Community of Inquiry Framework is a more than 20-year-old distance education framework that focuses on community-based teaching and learning methods. In the time since its development, there has been a range of ...
Match: Vaughan, Norman; community of inquiry

Meta-analysis of the CoI Framework
Befus, Madelaine
This presentation focuses on exploring the shape and scope of the corpus of CoI research literature. The Community of Inquiry Research Integration and Practice Alliance, comprised of Drs. M. Cleveland-Innes, D. R. ...
Match: community of inquiry

Introducing the CoI Blog: A Community of Inquiry for the Community of Inquiry
Garrison, D. Randy; Cleveland-Innes, Martha; Vaughan, Norman; Wilton, Dan
The goal for this CIDER session is to provide an introduction to the creation of a blog that will initiate and facilitate discussion with regard to recent research and emerging issues associated with the Community of ...
Match: Vaughan, Norman; community of inquiry

Teaching in Blended Learning Environments: Creating and Sustaining Communities of Inquiry
Vaughan, Norman; Cleveland-Innes, Martha; Garrison, D. Randy
This session will describe and discuss seven principles of practice that can be used to effectively design, facilitate, and direct a blended approach to learning and teaching.
Match: Vaughan, Norman; community of inquiry

Graduate Student Panel: The CoI Framework
Vladimirschi, Viviane; Rabak, Lynne; Befus, Madelaine; Cleveland-Innes, Martha
Graduate students discuss their research related to the CoI framework.
Match: community of inquiry

CoI Classroom and Institutional Leadership

A Collaborative, Design-based Approach to Improving an Online Program

The Development of a Shared Metacognition Construct and Survey Instrument for Communities of Inquiry

Mobile Learning and Presence in a Community of Inquiry