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Adoption of Technology Enhanced Learning in Higher Education
September 3, 2008
Gale Parchoma, University of Saskatchewan, Canada
This presentation is based on Dr. Parchoma’s recently published (May 2008) book, Adoption of Technology Enhanced Learning in Higher Education. The presentation reports the findings of a study of the influences of organizational structures, cultures, pedagogies, and reward systems in a traditional university for their influences on faculty adoption of technology enhanced learning into teaching practice. The study was undertaken in a research-oriented Canadian university. Eight case studies of faculty experiences in a five-year (2000-2005) initiative are reported. Participants' perspectives of the influences of university policies and practices on the success of TEL initiatives are examined. The roles of instructional designers and IT & media developers in supporting faculty in TEL development projects are explored. Enabling and restraining influences on successful project completion are discussed. Theoretical implications of the overall findings for organizational change in research-oriented universities to support faculty adoption of TEL are posited.
Keywords: technology enhanced learning, tel
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