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Panel Session: Implementation of Universal Design for Learning in Online Learning at Alberta Postsecondary Institutions
April 4, 2018
UDL Committee, eCampus Alberta, Canada
Universal design for learning (UDL) provides educational institutions and developers with a set of principles to use to ensure that the learning environment and instructional materials support the needs of the diverse range of students attending postsecondary education in traditional, blended and online courses. In the winter and spring of 2015 a set of UDL modules was developed by eCampus AB based on a proposal submitted by the UDL Advisory Committee of that organization. Committee members included individuals from Alberta colleges, a university and Polytechnic. In the fall of 2015 the modules were released to the Alberta PSE sector under a Creative Commons license. Advisory committee members continued to meet to discuss the roll out and promotion of the modules as well as the various uses to which the modules were being put at their institutions.

The panel for this session has representation from a variety of the provinces PSI's (Keyano College, Red Deer College, NAIT and Athabasca University) and will provide an overview of the modules, the various ways in which the modules are being used at the four Alberta PSI's and the user perspective (faculty, advisors, students) on the implementation of the modules.
Keywords: universal design, UDL, learning material
Video recording

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