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Learning Analytics: Passing Fad or Game-changer for Higher Education?
January 8, 2014
Leah Macfadyen, University of British Columbia, Canada
This session will give an overview of the emerging field of 'learning analytics' (LA): what it means, where it has come from, forces driving its development, the range of activities it may encompass, and the higher education stakeholders and processes it can inform. To illustrate how LA can give new insight into learning, the session will also introduce the SNAPP tool for network analysis of student interaction in your LMS.
Keywords: learning analytics, network analysis, SNAPP

Dr. Macfadyen is the Program Director for Evaluation and Learning Analytics at the University of British Columbia, analyzing and visualizing large sets of data on teaching and learning to discover meaningful patterns. She is especially engaged in designing and teaching courses integrating disciplinary study with transformative global education.

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