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Ontologies for Effective Use of Context in e-Learning Settings
February 6, 2008
Dragan Gašević, Athabasca University, Canada
Jelena Jovanović, University of Belgrade, Serbia
Colin Knight, Simon Fraser University, Canada
Griff Richards, Simon Fraser University, Canada
This presentation will focus on an ontology-based framework aimed at explicit representation of context-specific metadata derived from the actual usage of learning objects and learning designs. The core part of the proposed framework is a learning object context ontology, that leverages a range of other kinds of learning ontologies (e.g., user modeling ontology, domain ontology, and learning design ontology) to capture the information about the real usage of a learning object inside a learning design. We will also present some learner-centered and teacher-centered scenarios enabled by the proposed framework in order to illustrate the benefits the framework offers to these key participants of any learning process. Finally, we will demonstrate how two present educational tools (i.e. TANGRAM and LOCO-Analyst) correspond to the proposed architecture.
Keywords: personalized learning, ontology

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