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Empowering Micro-credentials using Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence
September 11, 2024 · 11:00am MT
Rory McGreal, Athabasca University, Canada
The recognition and transfer of credits is becoming essential for students, as an increasing number of them are studying at different institutions, often at the same time online, in both traditional and unconventional settings. Micro-credentials can aid in this process by providing easily accessible and transparent evidence of skills or knowledge, certified by an authority, based on small units of learning. The development of Blockchain technology holds promise of becoming a useful enabler for supporting the storage and dissemination of micro-credentials on a global scale. Because of its immutability, Blockchain can be used to attest to students' accomplishments securely and privately under their control. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can facilitate the micro-credential assessment process as well as their maintenance and dissemination on the Blockchain. This chapter describes the important features of these three technologies for higher educational contexts, and suggests how they can work together to improve learning for students, administration for institutions and ensure security for both.
Keywords: micro-credentials, accreditation, blockchain, artificial intelligence
Empowering Micro-credentials using Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence


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