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The Interconnectivity of Heutagogy and Education 4.0 in Higher Online Education
December 7, 2022
Jeanne Kim, Selkirk College, Canada
Industry 4.0 advancements in technology are creating a dynamic and fast changing world that affects how we live and work. Educators need to rethink existing teaching approaches to better prepare students for future careers that Industry 4.0 will create. The World Economic Forum (WEF) defined a new education model, called Education 4.0, which contains eight major changes to redefine learning in the new economy. Heutagogy, or self-determined learning, is an approach that promotes critical thinking, social-emotional skills, and life-long learning. These skills are necessary for Education 4.0. The purpose of this paper is to examine how Heutagogy in higher online education can meet the needs of Education 4.0. The approach of the study examines existing literature on Education 4.0 and Heutagogy. A conceptual model that interconnects heutagogy to the learning principles of Education 4.0 will be offered as a key finding to answer the research question: How does Heutagogy in higher online education meet the needs of Education 4.0? The paper provides a base for further research and discussion into how Heutagogy and other approaches can support the needs of Education 4.0 to prepare learners for a changing world.
Keywords: education 4.0, heutagogy, industry 4.0, lifelong learning

Jeanne Kim is an instructor in the School of Business at Selkirk College, teaching Project Management, Strategic Management, and International Business. Her current research focuses on micro-credentials as well as 21st century skills and their impacts on how we teach, learn, and work. Other major research interests include Education 4.0, Human Capital Theory, and blended learning theories. Jeanne is currently enrolled in the Doctor of Education in Distance Education program at Athabasca University, Canada.

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The Interconnectivity of Heutagogy and Education 4.0 in Higher Online Education

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